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Mold shell heat exchanger: high temperature open mold PVC shell, the inner titanium core guide tube only needs one welding.

Main products


Seafood fish pond titanium gun, pure titanium evaporator, coaxial heat exchanger for swimming pool heat pump air conditioning, Electroplating chemical heat exchangers, stainless steel all-titanium heat exchangers, etc.

Concurrent product


Seafood fish pond units, chillers, air conditioning units, etc.



High-efficiency pure titanium threaded pipe, titanium basket, titanium hanger, titanium fitting, titanium tube, titanium plate, etc. Quality assurance, integrity first. Welcome to inquire, to map the sample, to the factory to negotiate! .

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Water To Water Heat Exchanger

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Technical advantage

The Hengxing product series has gradually developed into an industry standard and is known as the "industrial refrigeration expert".


Leading refrigeration technology, with two modes of constant temperature and intelligent temperature regulation.


Professional and technical personnel, fully implement ERP management.

Product Advantages

Hengxingye has 5 senior engineers and 16 R&D personnel. It has more than 50 national utility model patents, national design patents, national invention patents, computer software copyrights, etc. It is a drafting unit of many national standards and industry standards, and has won honors such as famous Chinese brands and Chinese quality credit enterprises.


To provide customers with the selection and customization of welding equipment in various industries, complete automation production solution design, free proofing of welding products, on-site guidance and installation, etc. You only need to make requests, and others will be handed over to Hengxingye team.

Production Advantage

Hengxing chiller is produced in batches with an annual production capacity of 60,000 units, focusing on the production and manufacture of low-power chillers.


The export rate of products is over 60%, providing long-term supporting equipment and technical support for thousands of domestic and foreign manufacturers.


12,000 square meters production base.

After-sales service guarantee

24 hours dedicated to serve you (13702907340)


Free one year warranty, lifetime maintenance

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